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Sanctuary stories

Sanctuary stories

Meet some of the people who have taken sanctuary


Juana Ortega has lived in sanctuary in an Episcopal church in Greensboro since May 2017.


Ingrid Encalada Latorre returned to sanctuary after exhausting all of her options to keep her family together.


Arturo Hernandez Garcia, who spent nine months in sanctuary, received a two-year stay of deportation.


In March 2017, Emma took sanctuary at the Albuquerque Friends Meeting House in New Mexico.


After escaping gang violence in El Salvador, Elmer is struggling to stay in the United States with his family.


Rosa Sabido, a church secretary, has lived in the U.S. for over 30 years and cares for her citizen parents.


Araceli Velasquez, a mother of three, was only 19 years old when she fled for her life from El Salvador. 


Jeanette Vizguerra spent 86 days in sanctuary until being granted a two-year stay of deportation. 

Rosa Ortez Cruz

A mother of four children, Rosa came to the U.S. from Honduras in 2002, fleeing extreme domestic violence.