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Youth Outreach

Maricela Guzman

The Peace Education Program works with youth in Los Angeles area schools to reduce violence and create a culture of peace. Through intensive workshops and classes, the program:

  • Teaches youth invaluable life skills;
  • Helps them to understand the meaning of nonviolence in their lives, schools, homes, and communities;
  • Directs them to nonviolent career paths; and
  • Involves them in community organizing and service.

A part of the youth outreach work includes instructing youth in the use of digital media. Through Digital Story, students learn to use multimedia tools, find self-expression, gain self-confidence, and relate personal reflections about their community, the prevalence of violence, or the importance of family in their lives. See stories below.

Digital Story                                                

Images on the Wall
Maricela Guzman, American Friends Service Committee's Peace Education Coordinator, shares her journey from growing up in South Los Angeles, serving in the military to working for peace and nonviolence.

Life in Los Angeles: A Youth's Perspective
Carlos offers a visually compelling and interpretative view of how he sees and understands poverty and violence pervading his community.

Stop the Violence
We need to end the violence in our communities. Hear Chris discuss what we can do to stop the cycle of violence in our schools, on the streets and our city.

Gerson shares his story through his own eyes of growing up in Los Angeles and the importance of his family in keeping him strong and his hopes high.

Understanding Violence
Listen to students discuss the ways we can prevent violence in our community.

Mi Hermano
Listen to Wendy's inspirational story of how her brother, the first in her family to attend college, serves as a role model and friend for her.

Family Fun
Angel shares how his family provides him with a constant source of strength, joy and love. Enjoy his creative rap!