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Courageous women in AFSC’s history

When AFSC was established in 1917, women were integral to the formation and mission of this service organization. 

Here are some of the early AFSC staff and advisors whose courage, strength, and wisdom helped foster peace and social justice throughout the world.

A message of good deeds
When Rebecca Timbres arrived in Warsaw in the winter of 1921, 21 years old and recently trained as...
Lifting the curtain of race
Born in Princess Anne, Maryland, Crystal Bird Fauset spent most of her adult years working for...
Telling the AFSC story of change
Born in 1905 in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Mary Hoxie Jones was the daughter of one of AFSC’s...
Evacuating children from war
Both born in 1908, Alice Resch and Mary Elmes grew up in different worlds but later established a...
Supporting school desegregation in Mississippi
Constance (Connie) Curry grew up in Greensboro, N.C., and studied political science in college and...
A counter narrative from inside Vietnam
An Earlham College graduate born in Indiana to Quaker parents, Marjorie Nelson worked at a clinic...
Creating an international women’s movement
Raised by her mother in Glasgow, Pa., a coal-mining and farming region, Saralee Hamilton spent most...
Dekha Ibrahim Abdi died from injuries sustained in a car accident.
Preventing civil war at home, transforming conflict worldwide
Dekha Ibrahim Abdi was born in 1964, in Wajir, Kenya, near the Somalia border. As a schoolgirl she...