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Washington D.C. Human Rights City Resolution



To recognize December 10, 2008, as “Washington, DC Human Rights Day” in the District of Columbia.

            WHEREAS, December 10, 2008, marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

            WHEREAS, The United Nations passed resolution A/RES/62/171 proclaiming the year commencing on December 10, 2008 the international Year of Human Rights Learning;

            WHEREAS, This is an opportunity to call attention to human rights violations around the world and to continue to promote the importance of educating our citizens about human rights;

            WHEREAS, The District of Columbia Public Schools has partnered with the American Friends Service Committee to create courses that teach our students about human rights issues;

            WHEREAS, On this day, citizens of the nation’s capital, led by individuals and organizations, affirm their commitment to human rights by declaring Washington, DC, a Human Rights City;

            WHEREAS, Washington, DC being a Human Rights City makes it a model for communities around the world to witness practical ways the human rights framework can make every citizen a partner of sustainable change;

            WHEREAS, A Human Rights City is one whose residents and local authorities, through on-going discussions and creative exchanges of ideas, come to understand that human rights, when widely known as a way of life, assist in identifying the issues and informs the actions in our DC communities, for meaningful, positive economic and social change;

            WHEREAS, Developing Human Rights Cities is an attempt to build infrastructure for conflict prevention, human security, sustainable development, and create a place for active civic engagement at the local, national, and global level;

            WHEREAS, Washington, DC will be declared the first Human Rights City in the United States;

            WHEREAS, As a Human Rights City, Washington, DC will be joining other human rights cities around the world in working to provide leadership and advocacy to secure, protect, and promote human rights for all people;

RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, that this resolution may be cited as the “Washington, DC Human Rights Day Recognition Resolution of 2008.”

Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia recognizes December 10, 2008 as “Washington, DC Human Rights Day.”

Sec. 3.  This resolution shall take effect immediately upon the first date of the publication in the District of Columbia Register.

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