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Understanding Israeli activism

Understanding Israeli activism

Stories, testimonies, and resources related to activism in Israel to challenge inequality in Israel and the occupation. 

Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser
Israeli conscientious objectors strive to lead normal life

At 20 years old, Nathan Blanc of Haifa, Israel, has already served 10 prison terms, totaling 177 days to date, for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. He believes that human rights violations are practiced against Palestinians on a daily basis in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

Moriel Rothman, Israeli refuser
Why I refuse: On God/love, nonviolence and the occupation

Moriel Rothman is an American-Israeli writer and activist. He is based in Jerusalem and is active with the Solidarity Movement. This letter explains why he is refusing to serve in the Israeli military.

Military-free education - Action day in Tel Aviv
Showing the whole picture of militarism in Israeli society

As content developer at Israel Social TV, Kinneret Golan Hoz works to raise awareness among the general public of the ways military service is structured into the education system. AFSC supported the production of the episode “From Holocaust to Revival,” which shows the deep roots of militarism in education.  

Sahar Vardi and Jennifer Bing
From Chicago to Jerusalem: AFSC staff talk about their work for peace and justice

Sahar Vardi of AFSC's Israel Program and Jennifer Bing, who co-directs AFSC's work for Middle East Peace out of the Chicago office, talk about their work, shared challenges, and what motivates them to keep going.