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Stories and testimonies about occupation

Rabbi Brant Rosen speaks at Drake 4-29-13
A courageous rabbi shares his journey to Palestinian solidarity

Rabbi Rosen reflects on his journey from “liberal Zionist to Palestinian solidarity activist.” Rosen is a congregational rabbi in Evanston, Illinois and a co-founder and co-chair of the rabbinical council of Jewish Voice for Peace.

Palestinian activists demonstrating against the occupation
Images from popular resistance in Palestine

Palestinians are leading non-violent direct actions and popular resistance to call attention to and end the confiscation of their land, destruction of their property, denial of their rights, and the entrenchment of Israel’s occupation. 

An emergency worker provides assistance to Gaza residents trapped by flooding.
Drowning under the Gaza blockade

One of the strongest winter storms in decades hit the occupied Palestinian territory in December. The storm brought new hardship to an already exhausted population in the Gaza Strip and exacerbated the existing humanitarian crisis caused by the seven year long Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Video screenshot of people testifying at capitol hill
Israelis and Palestinians demand peace in Gaza briefing video

Concerned citizens and Congressional staffers convened on Capitol Hill March 8, 2011 to hear the riveting stories of two people with deep ties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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