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Somalia - Youth

Somali youth in the Alternative to Violence Program

Youth Capacity Building on Alternative Violence 

Alternative to Violence Program (AVP) training was facilitated by AVP Trust, Kenya between March and July 2009.  36 participants attended basic training, 26 attended advanced course, 18 participants attended facilitators training.

The 18 who graduated as facilitators have co- facilitated additional 6 basic training in a team of experienced facilitators as apprentices. These additional basic trainings were held in locations inside the refugee camp in Daadab and those not within the camp in Bura and Garissa.

The training was appreciated more so in the Daadab camp as for the first time the participants were both refugees and the local community. It helped open space for dialogue between the two communities.  It has been reported in the past that there is usually conflict between the refugees and the local people.

While this training was highly appreciated the facilitators met with challenges relating to culture, religion and reluctance to listen and adapt to changes. The second challenge was the inability to attract equal number men to women to the training.  Very few women turn up for the training as they are restricted by culture, long distances involved to travel to the training venues. The traditional roles of women as home makers, mothers, and community workers including low literacy of women further contributed to low attendance by women.  On the positive note, AFSC has been requested to support similar training targeting clan elders, religious leaders, women and school going children. This is one of the areas we focus in the remaining cycle of the project.

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