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Somalia - Humanitarian Response

A map of southern Somalia

Response to Humanitarian Needs with Peace Intent

Afmadow district in Lower Shabelle region and especially Doble town housed most of the children and women internally displaced persons (IDPs) stranded on Somalia side or seeking entry into Kenya as refugees.  AFSC responded to the plight of IDPs and host communities through a local partner.  The main objective of the project was to improve living conditions through the provision of essential drug- kits and sanitary pads to IDPs and host communities for three months. 

The local partner purchased and delivered essential health drug-kits to three dispensaries in Doble, Qoqani and Diff, and distributed sanitary. During this project period the local partner liaised with lead international NGOs, to renovate the dispensary in Qoqani and with UNICEF Somalia to continue with the supply of essential drugs kits to the three dispensaries up to year 2010. Although this was a one off contribution, it has opened up doors for the local partner to get additional resources for the ever increasing population of IDPs from UNICEF Somalia office and other international NGOs. 


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