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U.S.-Mexico Border Program

The US-Mexico Border Program in San Diego has been at the forefront of Project Voice, an AFSC initiative designed to strengthen the voices of immigrant-led organizations in setting the national agenda for immigration policy and immigrants' rights. Project Voice combines local and national organizing, education, and outreach campaigns to foster a fuller integration of immigrants and refugees in their new communities and to achieve a strategic impact on immigration policy in the United States.

AFSC San Diego supports the growth and development of immigrant-led organizations, through the development of a network of "human rights committees," with the goal of bringing the voices and concerns of immigrant communities into policy debates at the local, state, and national level. In addition to providing leadership development and technical support within the immigrant community, Project Voice works to build understanding of the immigrant experience and to foster cooperation between immigrant communities and potential allies.

AFSC San Diego works as part of the national Project Voice network, bringing together immigrant-led organizations with seasoned policy analysts and advocates, to advocate for workable and attainable immigration policies that are directly responsive to the needs and concerns of the grassroots.

AFSC San Diego pioneered the use of human rights documentation to support border crossers and border communities to challenge systemic abuses by the Border Patrol and other government agencies. Project Voice brings this wealth of experience to communities around the country, showing how documentation of human rights violations can serve as a powerful tool to challenge abuses — in employment, housing, education, and services as well as law enforcement.

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