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Rio Arriba County

Rio Arriba County

Jenny teaches a group of people how to transplant plants
Photo: AFSC

AFSC farm trainees with garlic harvest

Photo: AFSC / Patrick Jaramillo

Since 2012 AFSC has provided a yearlong farmer to farmer training at a demonstration farm at Northern New Mexico College building on the former !Sostenga! program. AFSC fully funds the farm, including a farm manager and training program.  We built three passive solar coldframes so that farmers can grow in the winter.

Some of the crops grown at the farm include blue corn, garlic, salad greens, carrots, and tomatoes. Food grown at the AFSC !Sostenga! program are sold to various farmers markets, local food co-ops, and the Espanola Public schools, Taos Public Schools, Santa Fe Public Schools and charter schools. AFSC also partners with Northern New Mexico College to organize an annual Garlic Festival at the farm every summer.

We also helped create a farmer cooperative called La Cosecha del Norte: A Growing Co-Op with eight family farms since 2013. The cooperative aggregates food with our farmer training program at the college. Often the AFSC farm trainees go to the co-op members' farms to provide labor support and learn from their unique farms.