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A reality beyond the reports: AFSC Board Clerk's trip to Africa

Arlene Kelly, dressed in Mozambique friendship outfit shaking hands with Ana Chapo, chair of Board of new local organization OCODEMA in Manica, Mozambique. More photos from Africa trip. Photo: AFSC

For ten days Arlene Kelly, AFSC Board Clerk joined Africa Regional Director Dereje Wordofa on a trip to learn about AFSC programs in Kenya, Somalia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Burundi. They visited 4 countries in 10 days with 6 flights, 2 cross border car trips and countless memories, connections and conversations. Arlene shared, “the only objective of my visit was that I came to learn to be able to speak with Dereje about the Africa Program.” She left Africa with a new appreciation for the depth of AFSC and Friends' work saying, "the trip to Africa was a wonderful opportunity to build on these earlier experiences [with Friends work in Palestine and Europe].  Seeing the work of AFSC and their partners is a very special experience, not only because it brings to life the work we have known primarily through reports, but also because it reaffirms for us that we are not alone in our work."

Please browse the photo slideshow and follow the links below to learn more about Arlene's visit and the work in the Africa Program:

First stop: Kenya and AFSC work on Somalia

Witnessing the Reality Behind the Reports

Mozambique : Handover of the AFSC development work to a local organization

Handover of Mozambique Program Celebrated

Zimbabwe: A livelihood program participant's story

Burundi, final stop: Meetings with partners and Friends 

A Visit to the Burundi Work

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