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Quaker Action, winter 2015

Man's hand raised to ask a question in a group of people
AFSC held its first St. Louis Freedom School in the weeks after Mike Brown was killed. Read about the program's lessons on the history of race, racism, and racial justice organizing. Photo: AFSC

Where do we go from here?

Ending discrimination and racism is a central part of building peace. Across the world, AFSC creates safe spaces for dialogue, healing, and transformation, bringing together people from diverse perspectives and life experiences. We pave the way for ordinary people to take courageous actions that replace conflict and fear with Beloved Community.

This issue of Quaker Action features stories about how we engage in that work, reaching out to those most impacted by, and those who most benefit from, the systems that stand in the way of just peace.

James Baldwin
Showing up for racial justice

With a growing movement calling for an end to the systems that fuel brutal and discriminatory police practices, General Secretary Shan Cretin reflects that social change begins inside each of us, as we wake up to human consequences of unjust systems and policies.

Three people talk around table in government office
Conversation starters

In Pittsburgh, an AFSC youth group is using a human rights framework to understand and explain how young people experience the world differently based on where they live, what schools they attend, and how they look.

Black woman holding sign that asks "Do I fit the description?"
Staying together to end racial profiling

The effects of aggressive police practices on young Southeast Asian, Latino, and black residents are invisible to many Rhode Islanders of other ages and colors, for the simple reason that they are not the ones being targeted. But the participation of allies in multiracial coalitions is crucial to getting fair policies and practices for everyone.

two girls in school building window with sign that says "freedom school"
Freedom schools teach history of race, racism, local racial justice organizing

Learn about the history and format of the Tyree Scott Freedom School in Seattle, which is the model for similar projects in Minneapolis and St. Louis.

Learning from experience: AFSC's work to end discrimination

Decades of struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, and religious discrimination have revealed lessons that pass from one era to the next.

Two women hold a banner
Beyond right relationships: A journey of healing

A group including indigenous people and Quakers in New England are confronting historic trauma and unresolved grief in order to begin a journey of healing together.

Design changes

The winter 2015 issue of Quaker Action comes with a new look.

Quaker Action, winter 2015 (PDF)
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