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Quaker Action: A Time for Change (Fall 2018)

The stories in this issue demonstrate how AFSC is at work, transforming Quaker values into courageous action. 

In the following pages, you’ll see the stories of Change Makers, six individuals who demonstrate the courage of AFSC’s global community at work – with inspiring results. You’ll also read about our work to abolish ICE, bring to light the traumas in Gaza, and share innovative research on how corporations are profiting from human rights abuses. 

These are just a few examples of how AFSC is amplifying the voices of people impacted by those in power and building up their technical capacities for activism to succeed.

Why it's time to abolish ICE

Abolish ICE is a necessary and important step in changing the conversation about immigrants in the U.S. 

Gaza Unlocked

Read firsthand stories from Palestinians in Gaza, news about the impacts of the blockade, and opportunities to make a difference.

Meet AFSC Change Makers

Courageous women paving the way for change. 

Ending election violence will take leadership

The AFSC community is doing its part to uphold democratic principles, support nonviolent conflict resolution, and work for free and fair elections. 

Q+A: Dalit Baum, Director of Economic Activism

How can everyday people influence corporate policy to create social change?