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"Quaker Action," summer 2014

Elisabeth Cimpaye
Elisabeth Cimpaye returned to Burundi after fleeing to the Congo (DRC) during the conflict. Her story of healing from the trauma of war is featured in the documentary “Life after conflict in Burundi,” coming soon from AFSC. Photo: AFSC/Tony Heriza

Let your life speak

In Quaker faith and practice, living is more important than doctrine. What we say and do reveals what we have come to un­derstand through living, through listening, and through making mistakes and reflecting on them.

This issue of Quaker Action includes many stories of people who act from the same principles that animate Quaker faith—people moved to heal wounded communities and create peace by living in a way that prefigures a peaceful world.

Shan Cretin
Let your lives preach, let your light shine

Learning and living occurs in community, says AFSC’s general secretary in her opening letter. Often, the most vivid and important inspiration arises when we encounter a per­son whose life is a beacon, kindled with a spiritual fire that moves them to courageous action.

Niyonu Spann
Waking up to wellbeing

Niyonu Spann, a healer, musician, and creator of the faith-based anti-racism workshop, Beyond Diversity 101, answers questions about her lifelong spiritual journey from fear to wellbeing.

Florence Ntakarutimana
Transforming pain

Reflect, then act—that's how Florence Ntakarutimana approaches trauma healing in Burundi and Rwanda.

Believing that there is something good in everyone, she facilitates healing with people who have perpetrated violence and experienced it, showing the way to understanding trauma, listening, and trust.

Hands mural
multimedia page
Letting their lives speak: Quotes from AFSC staff

What drives the courageous people who carry out the work of AFSC? From diplomatic meetings in China to Con­gressional hearings in Washington, from fields in North Korea to Guatemala City streets, AFSC staff talk about why they dedicate their lives to the struggle for peace and justice.

John Woolman's Journal
Leading the way

Ethical, bold, and open-minded, 18th-century Quaker John Woolman was an abolitionist and advocate for the poor and oppressed.

Michael Birkel, author of “‘A Near Sympathy’: The Timeless Quaker Wisdom of John Woolman,” shows how generations of spiritual activists have found guidance in John Woolman’s life and writings.

Sandra Tamari
A hopeful movement: Working for justice in Israel-Palestine through boycott and divestment

Palestinian-American Sandra Tamari, a member of the St. Louis Religious Society of Friends, recounts how a small group of St. Louis activists brought the boycott and divestment movement for justice in Israel-Palestine to their city—and how their impact was felt across the world.

Young woman being interviewed
Young organizer builds community to protect New Jersey immigrants from deportation

As the daughter of a community ad­vocate, Vera Parra developed her social consciousness at a young age, but it wasn’t until she joined New Jer­sey’s community of immigrant-rights ad­vocates that she felt the power and strength to keep working for change.

Julio Cuestas
Meet Julio Cuestas, Cuba's peace-minded poet

In Julio Cuestas’ home of Cuba, the economic crisis lowered incomes and caused food shortages. This put a strain on families and communities, making Julio’s goal of creating a culture of peace particularly challenging.

Arlene and Helene
Donor profile: Arlene Kelly and Helene Pollock

For decades, the lives of Arlene Kelly and Helene Pollock have interwoven with and been enriched by AFSC.

People look at posters hanging in exhibit room
News from around AFSC

A new poster exhibit tells the 60-year history of boycotts; AFSC exposes mistreatment in Arizona's privatized prison medical facilites; plus news from AFSC's programs in Maine and Myanmar.

cover of Quaker Action magazine
"Quaker Action," summer 2014 (PDF)

Download a PDF of Quaker Action to print or read on your e-reader.

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