Quaker Action Summer 2013

Quaker Action summer 2013

Dominque Stevenson and Wahid of Friend of a Friend
AFSC/Bryan Vana

From harm to healing: Changing the system, changing ourselves

In the summer issue of Quaker Action, read about people around the world who are changing criminal justice systems and transforming themselves as part of the movement for restorative justice.

You will see how, as people tell their truths and seek reconciliation, communities can begin to heal.

Watch the special online discussion held on July 17: "Profiteering on prisons"

Mentorship leads incarcerated men to leave violence behind

Mike and Russell

Mike and Russell

Mike Perry (left) mentored Russell Green (right) when they were incarcerated in a Maryland prison. Today, both men work for the program through advocacy, mentorship, and community engagement. See more photos.

Why now is the time to change the U.S. prison system

Preventing harm illustration

Two people embrace, leaning on each other

Illustration: AFSC/Emily Cohane-Mann

Justice is best served by helping people heal and preventing further harm, says longtime California prisoner rights activist Laura Magnani. She argues that with growing momentum for change, now is the time to overhaul the U.S. prison system.

Dig deeper into healing justice: Read, watch, and get involved

Tony Heriza, AFSC's director of media production, offers suggestions on what to read and watch to learn more about healing justice issues.

Remembering Michael McConnell

Michael McConnell served as regional director for AFSC's Great Lakes Region starting in January 1990, and in June 2012 he took on the same role for the new Midwest region. He passed away on April 7, 2013.

Prison privatization stopped

In 2012, New Hampshire's corrections department invited for-profit corporations to submit proposals to operate the state's prisons. In response, AFSC and allies launched a statewide education campaign about for-profit prisons.

Snapshot: A look at AFSC around the world


IHTD participants before their action at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Photo by Bryan Vana.

Visit Flickr to see a selection of photos from AFSC's work around the world.

Quaker Action Summer 2013

Download a PDF of the summer 2013 issue of Quaker Action. The stories in this issue are also available to read and share online.

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