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Quaker Action: From resistance to rebuilding (Summer 2018)

Across the U.S. and around the world, AFSC stands with communities in working for positive social change. Together, we are proposing ideas that will help shape the future of our societies—seeking alternatives to mass incarceration, advocating immigration policies that affirm human dignity, investing in human potential here in the U.S. and in places like Somalia, engaging in healing and reconciliation, and abandoning the wasteful way of warmongering.

In this issue, you'll read more about how we're moving these ideas forward to create a more just and peaceful world.   


Ending perpetual punishment

The movement to end mass incarceration must focus on giving all people the chance to come home.

Organizing to keep families together

The Trump administration is ending protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrants—here’s how immigrants are pushing back.

Young people transforming Somalia

Youth demonstrate what can happen when we invest in human potential in even the most challenging environments.

Reigniting the Poor People's Campaign

Here’s a look back at the Poor People’s Campaign then and today. 

Q + A: Joshua Saleem

Young people in St. Louis are taking the lead in working for racial justice in their schools and community.

7 tips to change the conversation on immigration

Here are some evidence-based tips you can use to talk about immigration to build support for more inclusive communities and policies.  

Quaker Action: From resistance to rebuilding (Summer 2018) [PDF]
Download the PDF version of Fall 2018 issue, "From resistance to rebuilding."  

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