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Quaker Action: Overcoming racism and inequality (Summer 2019)

There are courageous people in communities worldwide who are working to overcome fear, hate, militarism, racism, and inequality.

In this issue of Quaker Action, you'll see just a few examples of what happens when people put Quaker values into action  – by working to end immigrant detention, creating second chances for formerly incarcerated people, working to stop Islamophobia, and more. 

Creating more chances for life after incarceration

In West Virginia, formerly incarcerated people and allies are eliminating barriers to food assistance and employment.

It's time to shut down Homestead detention center

Here’s how community members and allies are working to close the nation’s largest detention center for migrant children.

Stopping Islamophobia

AFSC is helping communities put a stop to a federal program that profiles and surveils Muslims. 

New Hampshire just abolished the death penalty
When New Hampshire’s new attorney general announced his desire to change the state’s method of...
Countering extremism, calling for tolerance in Indonesia

AFSC’s Jiway Tung describes how communities are making gains for peace and inclusion, despite the challenges.

Quaker Action: Overcoming racism and inequality (Summer 2019) [PDF]
Download the PDF version of Summer 2019 issue, "Overcoming racism and inequality."

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