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Quaker Action: Inspiring Communities (Fall 2017)

Quaker Action: Inspiring Communities (Fall 2017)

How do you successfully counter a growing wave of hate and fear driving policies that deny our civil and human rights? 

In this issue of Quaker Action, we share stories that show some innovative efforts to keep communities together as well as a few resources to spark your ideas and activism. Plus, we talk to activists on the 50th anniversary of Vietnam Summer and look at what's in store for our new program working with youth in Philadelphia, the Social Justice Leadership Institute. 

Sanctuary Rising

Communities across the country are working to create Sanctuary Everywhere—by speaking out against bigotry, sheltering their neighbors from deportation, and advocating for policies to protect all people.

Q+A Gregory Corbin

We talked to Gregory Corbin about AFSC’s Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI), a new program helping young people in the Philadelphia area to develop as social change leaders.

Vietnam Summer 50th Anniversary

We look back on a nationwide organizing project that mobilized thousands to oppose the Vietnam War.

A statement from Cristina, Denver mother who was deported

Cristina, a mother of three in Colorado, had lived in the U.S. since she was five years old. Despite our best efforts, she was detained and deported to Mexico late last week.

Quaker Action: Inspiring Communities (Fall 2017) [PDF]

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