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Quaker Action: Free Them All (Fall 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated communities in the U.S. and around the globe. While it has magnified racism, poverty, and other injustices of our world, it has also reminded us of that we are all interconnected—and that our health and well-being are dependent on how we treat each other. 

In this issue of Quaker Action, you'll read about some of the ways communities worldwide are responding to rising need, with the support of caring people like you. We'll also show you how to get involved with our Free Them All campaign, which calls for the immediate release of people from prisons and jails in this pandemic and builds on AFSC's decades of work toward a world without incarceration.

Free Them All!
Prisons, jails, and detention centers have never been safe places. Human and civil rights...
Aid distribution to Palestinian elders
Caring for each other during COVID-19
As the pandemic took hold last winter, AFSC staff, volunteers, and partners responded quickly with...
Peace by piece planting photo
A bold vision for lasting change
 Throughout our more than 100 years, AFSC has grown and shifted to address arising needs as...
New e-course helps white people of faith learn how to deepen work for racial justice
 After the police murder of George Floyd, people of conscience of all ethnicities joined Black...
Sahar Vardi at AFSC Summit
Q+A: Sahar Vardi
Throughout history, governments have exploited crises to introduce dangerous, authoritarian...
Quaker Action - Fall 2020 (PDF)

Download the full issue in PDF. 

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