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Quaker Action, fall 2015

Quaker Action fall 2015 cover
Read Quaker Action. Photo: AFSC/Tony Heriza / AFSC

Healing justice: The movement to end mass incarceration 

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world, and the effects have been devastating for people on both sides of the prison walls—destroying families and communities instead of moving our society closer to peace and healing. 

Momentum is growing across the country to overhaul our criminal justice system. In this issue of Quaker Action, "Healing Justice," we look at individuals and communities working to end mass incarceration in the United States. 

Pendle Hill conference
Crossing barriers

General Secretary Shan Cretin discusses her experience working with young people in a California prison and how we can all play a role in ending mass incarceration. 

Life goes on

In Michigan and New York, AFSC programs support people serving long prison sentences.

The prison within a prison

The UN has said that long-term solitary confinement amounts to torture, but U.S. prisons continue to hold tens of thousands of people in isolation for months, even years.

Michelle Alexander
Quaker Network to End Mass Incarceration

Friends and others are organizing to address criminal justice issues in their communities and across the country. 

Infographic: America behind bars
America behind bars [infographic]

Download the infographic to see the costs of mass incarceration on communities across the U.S. 

Jack Malinowski
Donor profile: Jack Malinowski

"I’ve always felt that AFSC is a resource for those who work for social change," says Jack, a longtime advocate and AFSC supporter. 

Week of Action to End Detention Quotas
Struggling for immigrant justice

The U.S. imprisons nearly half a million immigrants every year, shattering families and communities across the country.

Newark-Rahway Prison Group
Promoting hope, healing in the justice system

AFSC has provided support to people in prison in the U.S. for nearly 100 years.

World Map
News from around AFSC

Bird-dogging presidential candidates on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and Iowa, calling for an end to the maltreatment of Palestinian children in Israeli detention, and a new chapter for young leaders in the Mekong Peace Journey.  

Quaker Action fall 2015 cover
Quaker Action, fall 2015 (pdf)

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