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Other Ports of Entry, Mexico

Breathe. Know that your family and community are holding you in their thoughts and prayers and it is your own inner strength that will get you through this difficult transition.  To stay safe, make a friend on the bus or plane, stick together to support each other. Be alert and calm, blend in and comply with authority. Avoid casual street encounters, including eye contact. Be prepared for bribes, have $40-100 in cash in $10s & $20s kept in different pockets. Beware of criminal elements, don’t use an offered cell phone to call your family. Have contact information for your family in Mexico and all documents that prove your identity and deportation status on you, not in your bag.


Casa del Migrante en Tijuana, A.C.

Director: P. Luiz Kendzierski, C.S.

Calle Galileo 239 Col. Postal, B.C. 22350

Tel. (664) 382-7685 y (664) 682-5180

Fax (664) 682-6358



Casa Refugio Elvira

(Elvira Arellano Refuge House)

Directora Micaela Saucedo

8780 7ma. Hermenegildo Galeana Zona Centro

Tijuana, B.C. Mexico c.p.22000

Tel.664-685-4871 Cel.619-591-6044


Casa Migrante


Todos los días de 4:00pm a 9:30pm

Calle Francisco I. Madero, # 350 Colonia Victoria, C.P. 38030                        

NUEVO LAREDO, Tamaulipas.

Tel. y Fax. (867) 714 5611


Casa del Migrante San Juan Diego y San Francisco de Asís

A.C. Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Avenida Golfo de Mexico #48, Colonia Ampliación Solidaridad

Teléfono(s): (868) 8-22-22-13; (868) 8-22-46-89

Facebook: Migrantes Matamoros


Albergue del Migrante Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

A.C. Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Calle Ma. J. González #501 con Libramiento Luis Echeverría, Colonia Aquíles Serdán.

Teléfono(s): (899) 9-22-42-68

Facebook: Migrantes Matamoros


Albergue Jesus el buen Pastor del Pogrey el Migrante

A.C. Raymundo Enríquez

Tapachula / Chiapas / México

Contact: Olga Sánchez Martínez / Founder

(011) 521.962.137.7343

Kathrin Zeiske (english / deutsch)

(011) 521.962.122.5084  


Casa del Migrante en Tapachula - Albergue Belén

Avenida Hidalgo s/n

Colonia San Antonio Cahoacán

Apartado 87

Tapachula, Chis. C.P. 27900

Teléfono ( 962) 625-4812  Fax (962) 626-7770


Casa Del Migrante

Tapachula / Chiapas / México

Contact: Padre Flor Maria Rigoni


La Casa Del Migrante / Hogar de la Misercordia

Arriaga / Chiapas / Mexico

Contact: Heyman Vázquez Medina



Casa Del Migrante

Santa Faustina Kowalska

Coatzacoalcos / Veracruz / Mexico

Contact: Memo Garduza

S.R.E 090-1281

R.F.C. CMS-050217-3YA

Coatzacoalcos / Veracruz / Mexico

(011) 521.921.115.8760


Casa de la Caridad Cristiana

Calle Escandón # 203

Barrio de San Juan de Guadalupe

San Luis Potosí / Mexico

Contact: Renata Calderón

(011) 52.444.815.6225

Av. Constitución 1251-A Pte. Col. El Mirador

Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Teléfonos: (81)2020-9729, (81)2020-9730


Frontera de Cristo

P .O. Box 1112.    825 11 th st.

Douglas, AZ 85607

In Mexico 00-1-520-364-9257

In US 520-364-9257

Mark Adams (

Miriam Maldonado(

Healing Our Borders/Sanando Nuestras Fronteras, an ecumenical group in which Frontera de Cristo is active. Many impoverished Mexicans come to the United States in search of better incomes. Death from dehydration and heat exhaustion are not uncommon as migrants make their northbound trek, and more than 1 million are arrested each year for working in the United States without proper documentation. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been engaged in mission in Mexico since 1872. Its joint ministry with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico along the border is a major focus of PC(USA) involvement in Mexico.


Casa de la Peregrina

C. Quintana Roo #253

Colonia Monumento, 32020 Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, México


Casa del Migrante en Juárez

A.C.Diócesis de Ciudad Juárez

Neptuno 1855, Col. Satélite,32540, Ciudad Juárez, Chih.

Tel. (656) 687 0676

Fax: (656) 687 0677


Casa YMCA Juárez Tlaxcala no. 267Col.

Centro C.P. 32000, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua.

(01 656) 612 –6138


The Migrant Resource Center is a partnership of many different people and organizations working together towards the common goal of helping migrants. Migrants, especially those who have been recently deported, have many basic humanitarian needs – a fresh pair of socks, a burrito, and some basic medical attention for dehydration and blisters. We help inform migrants about their options, including reduced price bus tickets to return to their place of origin. Another important part of the Center’s work is abuse documentation, which we use to better understand the situation migrants face, and in some cases, help victims of crimes pursue legal options.  They are located immediately on Mexico side of border. I’ve seen volunteers also help locate traveling companions deported through other cities.

Cooperating organizations:

  • Frontera do Cristo

  • La Sagrada Familia Catholic Parrish, Agua Prieta, Sonora

  • No More Deaths-Tucson, Phoenix

  • Centro de Derechos Humanos del Migrante

The Center is a bi-national project, whose two coordinators can be contacted by email:

Betto Ramos, Sagrada Familia Parrish, Mexico


Brenda Cuellar, Frontera de Cristo, United States


drawing of a valley with text saying Crossing South
Crossing South: A guide for people returning to Central America

You and your family may be faced with the possibility of returning, either voluntarily or due to deportation, to the country of your birth.  If you are facing this possibility, you should plan ahead so that the process can be as simple and safe as possible for you and your family.


Nogales Arrival
Breathe. Know that your family and community are holding you in their thoughts and prayers and it...