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News from around AFSC

Woman being interviewed outside
New film documents community healing and livelihood recovery after war

A new 20-minute documentary film featuring five Burundians shows how healing from trauma helps make way for rebuilding community in the wake of protracted violent conflict.

St. Louis peace march and rally May 2014
The power of the people builds in St. Louis

What do 120 pieces of foam board, 250 plastic zip ties, 20 bottles of paint, 350 young people and 1 hot glue gun have in common? They were all part of a Peace March and Rally that AFSC cosponsored in May at Northwest Academy of Law in St. Louis.

FGC held in southwestern Pennsylvania in 2014
Quakers acting in faith

AFSC hosted five workshops on a variety of social issues at this summer's Friends General Conference Gathering. 

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