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NC Immigrant Rights Program

The NC Immigrant Rights Program (NC IRP) seeks to build a community which values that human dignity of all NC residents. We work towards a North Carolina in which immigrants and non-immigrants advocate together for fair and just policies that respect the rights of all. The program works to empower immigrants to know their rights and be better able to exercise them. Through our digital storytelling workshops, immigrants learn to document their own stories through short films and raise awareness among non-immigrants.  We educate and mobilize the Quaker and broader community towards advocacy and action for pro-immigrant policies at the local, state, and federal levels. Below you can read articles and access resources relating to our work.

Know Your Rights resources for immigrant communities

AFSC initiates an NC Immigrant Justice Quilt

The NC Immigrant Justice Quilt is an art project organized by the American Friends Service Committee of the Carolinas office that will share participants’ frustrations and sufferings, as well as hopes and dreams related to the need for a humane immigration policy in our country. 

Building a community in the face of discrimination

Since she was a young girl in Brooklyn, Jodie Geddes has experienced how abuses of power play out in schools and on the streets.

How to fix our immigration system—while respecting human rights
What's next Want more? In A New Path, you can read all of AFSC's policy recommendations to...
After detention and decades of waiting, family can apply for green cards

For Fredd Reyes, the U.S. is home. He’s lived here since he was two years old and has no memory of his native Guatemala. Fredd’s friends did not know he was living in the country without documents until he was arrested, detained, and threatened with deportation.

Yazmin holds a sign that says "No human being is illegal"
Dreams still deferred, but moving forward thanks to new Obama policy
In June, when high school junior Ivania heard the news about a new immigration policy, she thought...
NC intern creates photographic exhibit with immigrant youth

Haejin Song, a senior at The Early College at Guilford, recently held an exhibit highlighting students from the Doris Henderson Newcomers School. During the past two years, Haejin has invested her time working with students at this school as a mentor and tutor.

Orfilia and her two sons
Vigil for Immigrant Justice 5/15/12 in Greensboro

This year to celebrate Mother’s Day, help keep one mother with her children, including a US
citizen minor son.

El Cambio
We are the Future

AFSC's Lori F. Khamala reflects on a visit to the State House for the NC House Select Committee on the State’s Role in Immigration Policy. 

Immigration and Intolerance: A conversation with New Garden's Upper School

High school is often a time of judgment and isolation. At New Garden Friends School, where the students are encouraged to accept their differences and create a loving community, discrimination can sometimes feel like a distant notion. 

Annah Awartani
Bringing Communities Together in Greensboro, NC

Last Tuesday, the Greensboro community gathered for a screening of “Hawo’s Dinner Party.” This 30-minute adaptation of documentary Welcome to Shelbyville revolves around religious and cultural tensions in a small town in Tennessee, and the beginnings of change brought on by personal interactions shared over a meal.

A "Not 1 More Deportation" sign hangs outside the Northwest Detention Center
Immigrant Freed From 19-Month Detention

On Tuesday, for the first time in 19 months, Pedro Guzman left Stewart Detention Center, a privately run facility where he was housed while fighting deportation. The Lumpkin, Ga., detention center is one of many run by Corrections Corporation of America, a prison giant that believes its next major market is immigrant detentions.

Paul Mondesir & AFSC’s work in the Haitian community

One of South Florida’s leading organizers in the Haitian community, Paul Mondesir of the American Friends Service Committee works to bridge the Haitian community in Miami and Haiti, as well as bring Haitian issues to light for the broader public.

NC actions opposing Arizona Law

North Carolinians stepped up to express their opposition to Arizona’s racial profiling law on July 29, the day that controversial SB 1070 was set to be implemented.  AFSC supported actions in three NC cities: Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.