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National Action/Research on the Military Industrial Complex (NARMIC)

From left: John Lampert, Eva Gold, Gladys Taylor, and David Goodman.
From left: Dave Scott, Elaine Fuller, Martha Adams, Merlin Rainwater, John McAuliff, Dave Chamberlin, Virginia Hill, Gladys Taylor, Louise Sims

AFSC launched an action/research project called NARMIC in 1969 to expose the impact of the military-industrial complex on the U.S. and the world.

A think-tank, Quaker watchdog, and partisan of nonviolence, NARMIC minutely mapped military and economic policies along with the production and distribution of weapons systems and military technology.

Each thread and intersection of the vast web was plotted and publicized. There were 50,000+ documents; computers; the 100 top defense contractor names; and maps pinpointing all U.S. nuclear depots weapons sites.

Below are a few of NARMIC’s famous slideshows. Please contact AFSC Archives to access other materials from the collection.

Read more about NARMIC's early days in AFSC's magazine, Quaker Action: "Publishers of the truth"

Automated Air War (1972)

The "Automated Air War" slideshow was introduced in 1972 and used to educate the public about the use of automated bombing during the Vietnam War. 

Acceptable Risk (1980)

Slideshow about the hazards of nuclear technology.

Whose budget is it anyway? (1982)

Slideshow about national priorities. 

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