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Move the Money action toolkit

A rally to bring home dollars spent on war
Protestors demand reductions in Pentagon spending. Photo: AFSC

Use this toolkit to talk to your community, the news media, and directly to Congress about keeping resources in your community.

Toolkit Cover
Complete Move the Money Toolkit
Download the full toolkit for a comprehensive set of tools to help your community work for better...
Sequestration Talking Points
Use this guide to talk about issues specific to the post-election lame duck session of Congress....
Move the Money Fact Sheets
Download our fact sheets that provide information about cutting military spending, raising taxes on...
How to Talk to Congress
Use this material to get your views on budget priorities across to your elected officials, either...
Creative Actions
Ideas for talking about federal budget priorities within your community—including signs, videos,...
Alert the Media
Tools you can use with local media to help tell your story about federal budget priorities.
Move the Money Resolutions
In communities across the country, groups are trying to get city councils, county councils, and...