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Military Recruitment in Western Massachusetts High Schools

Photo: Andrea McCarron and Jeff Napolitano / AFSC

In this report, the first of its kind in Massachusetts, AFSC exposes the increased military recruitment of public high school students, and the extraordinary level of access the U.S. military has to information about students.

 The recruitment of high school youth by the military is not new. But since the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the military’s solicitation of students and access to student information have greatly increased. Yet there’s little oversight of how this process happens, and many parents are not aware of the level of interaction between schools and the military. Parents also may not know the burden is on them to “opt out” of having their children’s information shared with the military.

 AFSC believes that schools should be sacred spaces of learning and development, not opportunities for soliciting youth to staff the world’s largest military. We hope this report will spark a conversation to change the practices of schools so they can better protect their students—and so parents are more aware of the totality of their children’s school environment.

 The report will be updated annually in order to:

  1. Provide the people of Western Massachusetts with the most accurate information regarding military recruitment in public high schools.
  2. Propel schools to track, disclose, and make this process more transparent. 
Military Recruitment in Western Massachusetts High Schools

This new report focuses on tracking the military recruitment of public high schools students in Western Massachusetts.