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Just and Humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform

No ICE raids in our city.  End the deportations. Photo: AFSC

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is once again part of the national agenda.  Grounded in our Quaker beliefs respecting the dignity and worth of every person, and in the communities in which we work, AFSC supports measures that ensure the integration of immigrants as full members of our society and address the root causes that push people to migrate.  We believe that the bases of U.S. immigration policy should be the protection of human rights and equal opportunity, not structures that benefit people of certain nationalities, enable employers to tap workers outside the protections of wage and safety laws, ro result in the forces seperation of families and communities. 

These resources are here to help you speak up about the reforms being proposed.  YOUR voice is needed.

Immigration Reform Advocacy Toolkit
The Toolkit is a collection of documents and resources that we hope will help you speak up in...