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Israel Social TV

Israel Social TV screenshot
Photo: AFSC

Israel Social TV is an independent media organization that works to promote social change, human rights, equality and social justice, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism. Israel Social TV does not accept commercial advertisements or governmental support, but relies on its own self-generating income activities, viewers and donations. This allows Social TV to remain independent from state and corporate influences.

Operating since 2006, Social TV was established out of the belief that objective and diverse media is crucial for a healthy democracy in Israel. Social TV reports on social injustices and human rights violations, and serves to amplify the voices of marginalized groups that in many instances represent unpopular opinions. Social TV cooperates closely with other organizations for social change. This allows for visibility of their work and agendas, which are often not covered in mainstream media.

AFSC has been working with Israel Social TV on a series of stories showing the militarization of Israeli society from different angles, including education and memory, language, social mobility and more.

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