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Israel-Palestine program strategic priorities

Israel-Palestine program strategic priorities

In 2012, AFSC identified four core strategic priorities around which all of our work related to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory (including work carried out in Israel, the occupied Palestinian territory, and the U.S.) is focused. These priorities are:

Challenging militarized societies

AFSC works to transform the systems and processes that create and sustain structures of violence in Israel, Palestine and the US.

Economic activism

AFSC works to challenge the economic systems that sustain and profit from occupation and violence in Palestine and Israel.

Supporting active nonviolence and social change movements

AFSC supports the creation of new political spaces through which activists and change movements can challenge the occupation, inequality, and militarism

Facilitating increased cohesion across Palestinian communities in different locations

In the face of the ongoing political and geographic fragmentation of Palestinian society, AFSC works to create opportunities for sustained dialogue and networking that bring together Palestinians across geographic and political boundaries.