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Invest in people, not the Pentagon

Banner showing US Discretionary Budget
20 foot vinyl banner showing the U.S. discretionary budget and the more than 50 percent that goes to the military. To purchase one of these banners for your events, please email


Invest in people, not the Pentagon—that’s the message Wage Peace and our allies are sending to Washington and to communities throughout the country. As Congress and President Obama are locked in cycles of brinkmanship over the federal budget, we have an opportunity for a national conversation about our priorities. 

Stop the F-35

The F-35 weapons system is a "poster-child" of Pentagon waste, and its total cost of $1.5 trillion is equivalent to the total cost of the sequester. Stop the F-35 now.

Cutting Pentagon spending: Tell your community

Put this message in front of your community. Check out our action kit for a roadmap on how to do this, including ideas for creative actions to bring attention to the issues.

Watch: Rolling out the federal budget banner.
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Get a federal budget banner

When people see the proportional breakdown of spending from the federal budget, they’ll rethink common misconceptions about how much of their tax dollars go to people programs compared to the Pentagon. To order a banner to display on your building or at demonstrations, email The $200 fee covers production and shipping costs.

Action kit: Invest in people, not the Pentagon

This is a kit for community groups, Quaker meetings, faith communities, students, and anyone else who is ready to work in this crucial moment to make sure that vital social programs are preserved and that deep cuts to Pentagon spending are made.