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Immigration Letter to the Denver Post

Hannah Ewert-Krocker’s Letter to The Editor was published in the Denver Post! Click here to support her letter online! (scroll down to “Add a new comment”)

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Re: “Immigration reform urged,” May 11 news story.

I applaud the Denver City Council’s passing of a proclamation to President Barack Obama and Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The growing debate over the recently passed Arizona law demonstrates that conversations about immigration in the United States need to happen, and they need to happen now.

Whether we choose to admit it or not, immigrants (and undocumented workers) are an integral part of our economy and society, and we have waited far too long to recognize their contributions and their struggles on a national legislative level. We need reform that protects the labor rights of all workers, that respects the human rights of immigrants, that provides access to education for immigrant children, and that develops a pathway to residency for those who are already here.

I am proud to see my city’s leaders take a stand for a cause they believe is just, reasonable and, most of all, urgent.

Hannah Ewert-Krocker, Denver

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