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Immigrant ally resources for Quaker meetings and churches

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally
Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally Photo: AFSC

AFSC is asking meetings/churches to partner with us on supporting our program work around immigrant justice. One way to support the immigrants rights movement is to to learn how your meeting can be an effective ally to immigrants in your area.

Listen to Lucy Duncan on the origins of the immigrant ally program focus area (1:03).

Included below are several resources to assist meetings in doing this work. We suggest you start by looking at the document What Quaker Meetings can do to support the movement for Immigrant Justice. Consider taking a few of these ideas back to your meeting's Peace and Social Concerns Committee to consider working on together.

You and your meeting/church can:

1.  Learn about the issue.  Read Danielle Short's article "Seeing That of God in Our Immigrant Neighbors" and consider how immigrant justice is connected to the Quaker testimonies.  Also check out A New Path to find out more about AFSC's stance on immigration reform.

2.  Start a book group or host a film and discussion about the issues at your meeting.

3.  Start a letter writing ladder in your community and write letters to the editor of your local newspapers.

4.  Adopt a policy maker.  Let your local politicians know that you support humane immigration reform.

Check out the resources below for more ways your meeting or church can get involved. 

Jordan has compiled a full suite of resources here. You can find inspiring digital stories from immigrants and allies at AFSC's YouTube channel here.

Coloradans for Immigrant Rights flyer
What Quaker meetings can do to support the movement for immigrant justice!
A selection of ideas for Quaker meetings/churches on supporting immigrants in your community.
Coloradans for Immigrant Rights flyer
Citizenship privilege and ally basics

Sometimes we are asked to consider our male, white, class, etc. privilege, but rarely are we asked to consider what it means to have the privilege of U.S. citizenship. This informational document lists a few advantages to consider, though they extend far beyond what is listed here.

Seeing that of God in our Neighbors
Seeing that of God in our immigrant neighbors

Friends have been concerned about exploitation and dehumanization of workers for many years, most notably in our opposition to slavery. Now, faith calls us to work for a society where we celebrate the dignity and gifts of everyone, regardless of immigration status.

A New Path (full version)

Our immigration system needs repair. But what will it take to make it work? the American Friends Service committee offers seven principles for a fair and humane immigration system.

Coloradans for Immigrant Rights flyers
Create a letter writing ladder

From Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, learn how your meeting can form a letter-writing ladder and change the conversation around immigration reform in your community.

Volunteer at Pembroke arranging books in library.
Recommended reading on immigration

Compiled by Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, a list of books--both fiction and non-fiction--about immigration, immigrant stories and immigrant justice.

Coloradans for Immigrant Rights flyer
Recommended films on immigration

Compiled by Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, a list of DVDs and VHS on the subject of immigration to help educate you and your community about the issues.

Movies Without Borders Class
Film discussion questions

Compiled by Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, a list of discussion quetsions to explore ethical issues raised by any film

Participants at the Congressional Hearings
Adopt a policy maker

Adopt a policy maker and let them know why immigrants deserve humane immigration reform.

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