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Humanize Not Militarize Training Resources

Participant in Humanize Not Militarize training.
Participant in Humanize Not Militarize training. Photo: Bryan Vana / AFSC
Humanize Not Militarize Activities Guide
Photo: / AFSC

HUMANIZE NOT MILITARIZE ACTIVITIES GUIDE:  Download the activities guide to use with youth ages 13-23 in conjunction with the Humanize Not Militarize poster exhibit and youth film festival.  

Goal:  A 6–8 hour modular training that lays the groundwork for participating youth to articulate an analysis of militarism based on their own experiences, develop and express an alternative narrative about what makes a community safe, and engage with AFSC on related issues.

Overall objectives

• Build community.

• Build a common analysis of the root causes and effects of militarism in our communities.

• Develop skills in creating emerging narratives using theater and art.

• Show that there are many ways to achieve social change.


HUMANIZE NOT MILITARIZE VIDEO TOOLKIT: So you want to make a video? In this guide, you’ll find quick tips to get started and instructions on how to submit your video to the Humanize Not Militarize Youth Film Festival.