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How-to manual for digital storytelling with immigrants and refugees!!

The cover of the Storyology manual
Photo: AFSC

Just released: How-to Manual for Digital Storytelling with Immigrants and Refugees!!

AFSC’s Area Office of the Carolinas has just completed a how-to manual for a model of our Storyology class: digital storytelling by immigrants and refugees. 

In October 2010, NC Immigrant Rights Program Director Lori Fernald Khamala and AFSC Youth Arts Fellow Kali Ferguson developed and organized a class in Charlotte, North Carolina for local immigrants to learn how to tell their stories using 21st Century technology.

Our class was inspired by a program led by Trish Perkins (formerly of FaithAction International House in Greensboro) and by the work of the Center for Digital Storytelling in California.  You can read a report of the class here.

You can see the remarkable videos that were produced in our October 2010 Charlotte class here:  Even after the class, we have continued to use digital storytelling with individuals who have powerful stories they want to share. (Check to see all of the films produced from our office.)

The How-To Manual contains all the materials that we used for the class, from schedules to software tutorials to handouts to activity instructions to a sample budget.  We are willing and excited to share all of our “trade secrets” with others because the model is so powerful and so impactful. We want others to use digital storytelling to tell the stories of immigrants in the community, and most importantly, to let immigrants tell their own stories.

Please click on the links below to download the Storyology How-To Manual as well as the Storyology Student Manual.  We would love to know how you use the manual and if you organize your own class, we’d love to see the resulting videos.

Please contact us at 336-854-0633 or to let us know if you use the manual, to contact us about having us facilitate a class, or to get additional information.