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Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP)

The Help Increase the Peace Project is a participatory, experiential program developed by AFSC in 1991 to address issues of interpersonal violence, prejudice, and injustice with participants of all ages, with a focus on middle-and high-school age youth. HIPP is currently in use in more than thirty states and in countries around the world. AFSC trainers in South East New England bring more than ten years of experience facilitating HIPP sessions to our work.

AFSC in South East New England conducts one- and two-day trainings in the HIPP curriculum by request. Email us or download our brochure for more information.

Because of HIPP's commitment to economic justice, payment for HIPP trainings is on a sliding scale.

Help Increase Peace Project brochure
A tri-fold pamphlet for the Help Increase Peace Project of Southeastern New England.