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Events to Mark 9/11 and Ten Years of War

AFSC joins with people all over the world in mourning the lives lost on September 11, 2001, and the hundreds of thousands who have died in the wars that followed in the decade since.  Every day, AFSC works around the world to lift up nonviolent, peaceful change. We invite you to join us at one or more of these events of remembrance and peacemaking.

Sept 8

New York City

Music in the Light of September 11
(Thursday, September 8)

New York City subway performers offer the spirit of resilience and share the gift of music.

Sept 8, 12-16

Los Angeles, CA

Youth Art Exhibit

AFSC will be hosting its ArtWalk Exhibit entitled "My Voice" and connecting it to the "If not war" theme.

Students will be on hand to discuss their work, and how our country could have addressed a number of national and local issues instead of war.

Sept 9


Eyes Wide Open – Boots on the Ground

The Coast Guard Academy in New London will hold a Week of Mourning as they contemplate the events of September 11 ten years ago and all that has followed. On September 9 that will include a display of the boots of service members who have died in Iraq or Afghanistan who were from Connecticut. Also on display will be posters of Iraqi civilians and information on the financial costs of war.

Sept 11

Des Moines, Iowa

9/11 observance focusing on "Common Ground"

Sept 11

Atlanta, GA

Screening of the film Concrete, Steel & Paint at Clarkston Community Center. 

Tony Heriza (AFSC Director Educational Outreach) will show his documentary Concrete, Steel and Paint, which explores the way that mural painting provided a space for prisoners and victims of violence to come together for healing in a Philadelphia prison. Conversation will focus on "restorative justice vs. retributive justice" and "forgiveness and healing vs. vengeance."

Sept 11

Chicago, IL

9/11 Primer: The Epoch of the Peacemakers

Chicago Fringe Festival, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Chicago and the American Friends Service Committee present a special event created and organized by HumanThread, a Pilsen-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting peace and inspiring actions that build a just society.

9/11 Primer will memorialize 9/11 and reaffirm the role of artists as peacemakers. It will be held at Meridian Stage, 1932 S. Halsted. Admission is free.

Sept 11

Indianapolis, IN

Interfaith Prayer and Service Project

American Friends Service Committee is working with Interfaith Hunger Initiative, The Worship Studio and Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to present September 11, 2011 Interfaith Prayer & Service Project.

Sept 11

San Francisco, CA

Vigil on the Golden Gate Bridge

AFSC is commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies with a standing vigil on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sept 11

Akron, OH

9/11 CommUNITY Reflections & Renewal

Join with others of other backgrounds and experiences on the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedies in a community dialogue to:

  • Share your thoughts and feelings of that day and all that followed
  • Listen to others express their thoughts and feelings
  • Reflect collectively on how the tragedies both divided and united people and the nation
  • Renew yourself to become more aware of ways to seek unity with others

Sept 11

Cambridge, MA

Bannering/vigil presence along Memorial Drive

Sept 11

Independence, MO

Walking the Path to Peace

In a collaboration between the American Friends Service Committee and the Kansas City Interfaith Council, fifteen faith groups reflect on ten years since 9-11 and ways we can pursue a path to peace and security. The exhibit is composed of 4’ by 6’ panels illustrated with images and words of wisdom from each faith tradition providing guidance to a path to peace.

Sept 21

Los Angeles, CA

Peace Day

AFSC will be observing Peace Day with youth in East Los Angeles at Lincoln High School. In April, a student from Lincoln High School had been found brutally murdered. AFSC is planning an evening vigil with students to commemorate the memories of those lives and families affected by violence in local communities and to raise public awareness for the need to end it.

Sept 21

Des Moines, IA

Ancient Wisdom and Peacemaking with Geral Blanchard

Through words and photos, Geral Blanchard will examine interpersonal violence in indigenous societies, noting how resolution often entails making conflict resolution processes into sacred ceremonies.

Sept 21

Atlanta, GA

War and the Rise of Violence among Youth at The King Center.

A panel and community discussion meant to emphasize the rise of violence among youth in countries where war is prevalent—those who wage war, and those whose environments suffer from war—and draw attention to global and domestic forms of youth violence (i.e. child soldiers, local gang violence).  The moderated panel discuss will be among participating groups and individuals who have witnessed, suffered at the hands of, or are/were affected by violence, especially war.



Providence, RI

International Peace Day Water Fire Walking Meditation, Roger Williams Memorial Park, North Main St. Providence

A celebration of the many cultures that have come to make the rich fabric that is Providence. Saturday, Sept. 24, 6:30 pm Silent Walking Meditation at WaterFired. Assemble at 6:30 pm at the Waterplace Park Basin. Walkers can carry Candle Luminaria as they walk slowly and in silence.

Oct 6

San Francisco

Windows and Mirrors and Interfaith Service


Nov 6

Kansas City, MO

Ten Years Later - A Community Gathering Renewed

All Souls Unitarian Unilateralist Church, 4501 Walnut Street,

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