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Egypt Protest Resources

Last Updated February 18, 2011

The situation in Egypt remains fluid. We will continue to share analyses and resources during this time of transformation.

Live Updates from Human Rights Watch

Timeline: Egypt Unrest

Arab Studies Institute

Humiliation and Legitimacy are the Bookends of Arab Discontent
Rami Khoury | Daily Star | 17 February

Egypt, Tunisia and the ‘Resuption of Arab History
Mouin Rabbini | Jadaliyya | 15 February

A Tunisian-Egyptian Link That Shook Arab History
David D. Kirkpatrick and David E. Sanger|New York Times| 13 February

Egypt’s Google Gandhi Interviewed
Juan Cole | Informed Comment | 8  February

Why Egypt’s Progressives Win
Paul Amar | Jadaliyya | 8 February

Tariq Ramadan and Slavoj Zizek on the future of Egyptian politics
Aljazeera - English

Egypt’s Three Revolutions: The Forces of History Behind This Popular Uprising
Omnia El Shakry | Jadaliyya | 6 February

Egypt Protests 2011
Global Voices | Timeline

AFSC lead protests in Atlanta, Tim Franzen, February 5

Why Egypt 2011 is not Iran 1979, Juan Cole, Informed Comment, February 2

Undaunted in Tahrir Square, Matthew Cassel, Electronic Intifada, February 2

Into Egypt’s Uncharted Territory, Hesham Sallam, Joshua Stacher and Chris Toensing, Middle East Report Online, February 1

Soccer Clubs Central to ending Dictatorship of Fear, David Zorn, Sport Illustrated, February 1

Tunisia’s Spark and Egypt’s Flame: The Middle East is Rising, Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, January 31

Egypt's Class Conflict, Juan Cole, January 30

Who Profited From Arming Egypt? William Hartung, Director, Arms and Security Initiative, the New America Foundation, January 30

Tunis, Cairo and beyond: susceptible authoritarians may yet really topple, but questions abound, Eberhard Kienle, Open Democrcay, January 29

We’ve waited for this revolution for YearsMona Eltahawy, January 29

Solidarity: Statement from London Solidarity Demonstration, Waseem Wagdi, January 29

Factbox: Most US Aid Goes to Military, Reuters, January 29

Tunisia and Africa the New Realignment, Tariq Ramadan, January 29

Iraqis See Symptoms of Regions Tumult at Home, John Leland, January 25

Statements and Petitions

Egyptians, The People Run With Your Rivers, Our Journey to Smile (Afghanistan), January 31

100 Academics Call for New Middle East Foreign Policy, Institute for Public Accuracy, January 30

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