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Drones: A briefing paper for organizers

Download the pdf Photo: AFSC

Drones are changing the way warfare is approached, and what is now known should be considered the tip of the iceberg. We expect that much of the most critical information is still classified, and there is little to no public knowledge of how widely drones are deployed, the process that leads a person to be targeted for assassination by the U.S. government, and the capabilities of the next generation of drones.

This document, a compilation of research and work that will allow AFSC staff and other organizers to take more effective action on the campaign against drones, should raise as many questions as it answers. 

The information contained within this document is open source. References can be provided for numbers or facts stated. Some of the numbers are estimations, because certain aspects, particularly those surrounding the CIA program and casualty numbers, are difficult (if not impossible) to confirm given the dearth of information available to the public.

Please download this briefing paper to read about:

  • The history of drone development
  • Common misconceptions and questions
  • Legal ramifications of drone warfare
  • Current military and domestic use of drones
  • Manufacturers
  • Actions and resources from other groups