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Digital storytelling workshops

Through our digital storytelling workshops, immigrants learn to document their own stories through short films and raise awareness among non-immigrants. Here you will find examples of past stories, resources, and information about the program.   

Storyology: digital storytelling by immigrants and refugees

Through Storyology: Digital Storytelling by Immigrants and Refugees, AFSC empowered immigrants and refugees by imparting new digital literacy skills, lifted up immigrant stories to share with and educate the public, and also built a community of many cultures within the class. 

The cover of the Storyology manual
How-to manual for digital storytelling with immigrants and refugees!!

AFSC’s Area Office of the Carolinas has just completed a how-to manual for a model of our Storyology class: digital storytelling by immigrants and refugees. 

Storyology films
To watch Storyology films click here!
Nothing about us without us

The people at the center of debates on immigration issues are often unseen and unheard. In AFSC’s San Francisco office, Pablo Paredes is working with immigrant youth to change that.

students in front of laptops
College should be affordable for everyone, argues student

As a college student who grew up on a military base and in a southern town, 22-year old Daphne Hines has a unique perspective on the world.

New video: AFSC NC intern shares her journey to acceptance as a Muslim young woman

Putri Pamela Powell is one of the Youth Cultural Media Project interns in AFSC's Greensboro, North Carolina office. Watch the digital story she created reflecting on her journey from Indonesia and her understanding of herself as a Muslim young woman.  

Video stories spark creativity, common ground in NC

The stories of Ajay and Isabela, Mimi and Tino, Dal and Raj, Essa and Fernando – told by themselves in short videos - captivated the audience of more than 100 people during the third Movies without Borders Gala in late October.

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