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"Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice," a resource guide for Friends

White silence is violence from a Showing up for Racial Justice protest in Philadelphia.
Sign the petition: Tell your governor: Invest in communities, not policing! Photo: Lucy Duncan / AFSC

"Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice" is a resource guide created by AFSC for use in Quaker meetings/churches to complement ongoing work on racism and white supremacy. "This resource guide works to recognize that all experience is racialized, and that there is significant difference between white people’s experiences and the experiences of people of color based on history, power, and privilege" (from the introduction).

The guide presents a number of different types of resources to assist Friends engaging in this work. There are selections from the AFSC blog Acting in Faith written by Friends Lucy Duncan and Greg Elliott in additon to a suggested compilation of other resources in a variety of text, audio, and multimedia formats addressing whiteness. For those interested in this work as a group, there is a list of potential workshops to participate in collectively, or other opportunities to explore the topic and take action for racial justice together.

Please let us know how you’ve used resource guide either individually or with your meeting/church, and if you have suggestions for additions or changes.

Below you can find a PDF of the study guide.

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