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Courageous Acts

Courageous Acts

Photo: AFSC

As we approach our 100th anniversary in 2017, AFSC launched the Courageous Acts Campaign to strengthen our work for lasting peace and justice.   The campaign will help AFSC both now and later, by giving young people more opportunities to grow as social change leaders; funding new initiatives to promote peace, justice, and security; and growing our endowment to give flexibility and longevity to our work for lasting peace with justice.

See how AFSC is working with communities to foster and promote change.


$5 million dollar challenge
Join the $5 million challenge

Thanks to an overwhelming response from AFSC donors, we’ve raised $35 million in less than three years. But instead of resting on this phenomenal success, we’ve set our sights higher. Learn more about the $5 million challenge.

2014 Global Youth Peace Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa.
Youth driving change

With their skills and confidence in place, Youth are ready to build coalitions with people of all ages and lead campaigns for policy improvements and systemic change. Your support of the Courageous Acts Campaign helps make these remarkable transformations possible.

Shared Security

Shared security is what people have when problems are solved not with coercion or violence but with diplomacy and by investing in mutually beneficial policies and relationships.

GUI New Hampshire
Governing Under the Influence

A new AFSC project is helping to shine a light on corporate influence on public policy.