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Counter recruitment

 Bryan Vana/AFSC 

Get resources to help stop military recruitment in our schools. 

Militarism especially impacts young people, not only because it takes away resources from schools and other programs that help them thrive—but because youth are the ones who are called on to fight in wars.

AFSC has decades of experience working to limit the influence of military recruiters on middle and high school students, helping these students make well-informed career choices, and providing them with information on jobs in peacemaking and nonviolent ways to afford college. We have raised awareness of the dangers of joining the military and the false promises made by recruiters.

As concerns persist over the potential for war, we’ve heard from people seeking resources to stop the military from recruiting their children and other young people in their communities.   

Here are some counter recruitment resources from AFSC and other organizations that can help.  

For students and families considering enlistment:

For counter recruitment work in schools:  

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