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Cost of War

A Cost of War Banner

Bring Cost of War to your community

AFSC created a Cost of War exhibit that includes 10 large (7'x3') color flags that dramatically illustrate the trade-offs we are making by spending $720 million per day on the war. This exhibit is very effective for public events. We have copies of this exhibit in 17 different states and hope to expand within the next couple of months.  If you would be interested in having the exhibit visit your community, please email Mary Zerkel at

Cost of War activist kit:

We have put together a kit for communities that want to help spread the message.  The kit contains:

  • Banners: A 7 foot by 3 foot vinyl banner that can be hung outside a building, used at a vigil or march
  • Brochures: 500 full-color brochures
  • Videos: Wage Peace DVD containing the "Wage Peace" movie, the "Bringing the War Home" documentary, and the "Before You Enlist" educational video
  • Handouts and petitions: DeFund/ReFund petitions, Cost of War FAQ, The Cost of War to Iraqis, various issue or constituency specific handouts

We are asking for a donation of $100 if possible to help us defray costs.  Please contact Mary Zerkel at

Full Color Brochures

The first 100 are available for free.  After that we are asking for donations of $5 per 100.  Please contact Jill Doub at

View photos of Cost of War events.

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