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CFIR Brochure

Be a voice for CFIR, take this brochure everywhere you go! Photo: AFSC

Interested in making a change? Join us, Coloradans For Immigrant Rights.

Coloradans For Immigrant Rights’ primary goal is to create a welcoming climate for all people by building broad support for immigrant justice. We advocate for humane immigration policies and work to eliminate unjust immigration practices. We educate and organize citizens in support of human rights for all people in the belief that a diversity of voices grow and strengthen the movement for immigrant justice.

Coloradans For Immigrant Rights envisions communities that welcome all people, regardless of  immigration status.

We envision communities where all people, immigrants and host community members alike, have the power to determine the conditions under which they live; are valued for who they are; take responsibility for each others’ growth; and can live their lives creatively, inspired by their histories and identities.


CFIR Brochure
Here is the Brochure for CFIR. Down load this and share it with your friends and family. Be a voice...

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