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Asia Pacific Working Group

Postcard showing peninsula in the water

With the U.S. reinforcing its regional hegemony, including the “Pivot” toward Asia and the Pacific and the related campaign to “manage” China’s rise, it is more than a little apparent that the U.S. peace movement needs to build its capacities to address Asia-Pacific issues and conflicts. Following on the “Peace in Asia and the Pacific” conference held at American University last October, at the invitation of the American Friends Service Committee and the generous hosting of the Peace with Justice Program General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church, we met in mid-June to share analyses and to explore what kind of activities and formation would advance the work that each of our organizations are already doing.

The result was the Working Group for Peace and Demilitarization of Asia and the Pacific. We opted to become a working group, because we are experimenting with how best to work together and because there are other organizations and networks with whom we want collaborate. Learn more at

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