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Arizona Department of Corrections Lawsuit Resources

Materials to help the reader understand AFSC's lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Arizona is bidding out for contracts to construct and manage 5,000 new private prison beds.  We have filed a legal complaint requesting an injunction to prevent the State of Arizona from awarding these contracts. 

Arizona state statute requires the Department of Corrections to complete a biennial performance comparison review of private and public prisons to determine whether private prisons are safe, well-administered, and providing adequate services to prisoners. The statute was enacted in 1987, but such a review has never been completed. We are asking the court to prevent the Department of Corrections from awarding any new contracts until the required review is completed and then only if the results indicate that private prisons are in compliance with the law.

Arizona Lawsuit Background
Arizona is in the process of bidding out for contracts to construct and manage 5,000 new private...
Arizona Lawsuit Media Coverage
Since AFSC filed for an injunction in Arizona to prevent the state from signing contracts for 5,000...
Arizona Lawsuit Complaint
Read to full text of the complaint AFSC filed against the State of Arizona on September 12, 2011.
AFSC Asks Judge for Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Private Prison Contracts
Injunction Filed, Group Asks Judge for Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Private Prison Contracts...
Caroline Isaacs Arizona Lawsuit Statement
My name is Caroline Isaacs and I am the program director for the Arizona program of the American...
Kingman escapes
ADOC Report on Kingman Escapes
Internal  Arizona Department of Corrections investigation into the escapes from the Kingman...
letter to MTC
Cure Notice to MTC
This is the “Cure Notice” letter sent to Management and Training Corporation by ADC Director...
Security Assesment of MTC
ADOC Private Prison Review
A summary of the safety inspections of 4 state-contracted private prisons after the escapes from...
Injunction Ruling: October 27, 2011
On October 27, 2011, Judge Arthur T. Anderson ruled in favor of the State of Arizona, and denied...
Notice of Appeal
The Notice of Appeal transfers jurisdiction from the trial court (which dismissed our original suit...
Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal
This document asks the Court to stop the Department of Corrections from awarding the contracts for...
Request for an Expedited Ruling
We requested an expedited ruling on our injunction because the DOC had said they might award the...