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Archives - AFSC Historical Timeline

Work on behalf of conscientious objectors; reconstruction work in France; planning of major relief work undertaken later in Germany.
Russia;work on behalf of conscientious objectors.
Continued relief work in Europe; peace efforts in the United States.
Programs in Appalachia; relief project during the Spanish Civil War; assistance to Jewish and other European refugees; Emergency Peace Campaign in the United States.
Assistance to Japanese-Americans relocated during WWII; relief work in Europe, India, and Japan; Civilian Public Service program to assist conscientious objectors.
Programs to encourage employment for minorities; activities in support of the anti-nuclear and anti-draft movements; relief work in Korea; work camps abroad and in the United States.
Efforts in support of the Civil Rights Movement; extensive work in Prince Edward County, Virginiain relation to school closings; relief projects in Vietnam and support for domestic opposition to the war; international service assignments for college-age students; work in Nigeria during the Biafran-Nigerian Civil War.
Work in the Middle East; assistance to victims of drought in Africa; National Action/Research into the Military Industrial Complex (NARMIC) project.
Disarmament efforts; work with young people being recruited by the military; continuing work at the United Nations (which dates from the founding of the League of Nations).
International relief and development programs; work with youth on militarism concerns; projects on U.S. immigration issues; anti­death penalty work; facilitating dialogues and exchanges between communities in developing areas; education and interpretation on international concerns in such areas as Korea, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

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