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AFSC - Cuba Background

AFSC is looking for opportunities to further develop working relationship with the Quaker Community in Cuba, with special reference to Holguin Province, where the bulk of Juntas Mensuales are present.

Quakers in Cuba


Analisis y perspectiva de La historia de la iglesia “Los Amigos” en Cuba
By Francisco Gonzalez
A detailed analysis about the first 27 years of the Quaker settlement in Cuba, beginning in 1900.

Historia de la Junta Mensual de Puerto Padre (1904-2000)
A detailed analysis about the history of the Monthly Meeting of Puerto Padre in Cuba, from  1904 to 2000.

Amigos Públicos: un ministerio para el siglo XXI.
By Ramón A. Gonzalez Longoria Escalona
A personal account by Minister Ramón A. Longoria Escalona about his life as a Minister in Puerto Padre, Cuba,  and his hopes for the 21st century.

Vision historica de la Junta Annual de Cuba (1927-2000)
By Ramón A. Gonzalez Longoria Escalona
A historical analysis about the Annual Meeting in Cuba from 1927 to 2000.

Zenas Lindley Martin (1855-1931)
A historical analysis about the life of Zenas Lindley Martin (1855-1931)

Quaker Background

Religious Society of Friends / Sociedade Religiosa dos Amigos

Related Information about Cuba

Changes in Cuban Society since the Nineties
Author: Edited by Joseph S. Tulchin, Lilian Bobea, Mayra P. Espina Prieto and Rafael Hernández with Elizabeth Bryan

Free resource aimed at academics, policymakers and NGOs. It presents and assesses critically the changes that have taken place in Cuban society, economy, politics, and culture as Cuba emerges from the crisis of the 1990s.

Restorative Justice Model in Cuba

Restorative justice seeks a transformative and peaceful approach in solving legal violations. It can be implemented into different social settings in the search of repairing the damage done through reconciliation and the rebuilding of human relationships by involving members of the community.

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