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Acting in Faith Newsletters

Acting in Faith Newsletters

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December, 2015: On Trump, fear, and uprooting the tree of white supremacy

November, 2015: On Paris, Beirut, and Burundi: Responding when the whole world hurts

October, 2015: Toshi Reagon & Octavia Butler: Sowing seeds of change

September, 2015: How, then, shall we live?

June, 2015: On Charleston: Can we answer forgiveness with repentance?

May, 2015: "Justice is what love looks like in public."

Apirl, 2015: Martin Luther King, Jr. and imaginal cells

March, 2015: Chaos or community?

February, 2015: An ocean of light

January, 2015: Hidden wholeness: Stepping into faith to undo racism

December 2014: #BlackLivesMatter: From moment to movement

November 2014: Who Gets Policed and Why? 

October 2014: Help Bring Sombath Home 

October 2014: Love Wins 

September 2014: Built for Healing 

July 2014: Four Little Boys in Gaza 

June 2014: Honoring the Elders

May 2014:  Monument or Movement?

April 2014:  Endless war or a shift in priorities?

March 2014:  Can we be active mystics?

January 2014:  What is the core of Quaker faith?

November 2013:  Nothing about us without us

August 2013: Activism in the meetinghouse 

August 2013: Realize the dream

July 2013: A prayer for Trayvon Martin

July 2013: None of us is safe until all of us are safe

June 2013: Keeping families together

April 2013: What the dead might ask of us

February 2013:  Weaving new realities

December 2012:  Love all the children

November 2012:  Taking the Risks of Love

October 2012:  The Spiritual Energy of Being an Ally

September 2012:  Defending Free Speech for those labeled "Other"

August 2012:  Spirit-Led Activism

June 2012:  A Common Quaker Project

April 2012:  Ain't Gonna Study War No More

February, 2012:  The Quality of Light