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5 ways to support Somali youth in pursuit of peace

Participants in Somalia AVP workshop
Photo: Charles Otiende / AFSC

This list was created by Zaina Kisongoa and Christopher Okudo from their workshop, "Somalia youth choose peace against militarism" at AFSC's 2017 Centennial summit. See this list and others from the summit online at Download this list as a PDF here

  1. Get to know Somalia better 

Participants should research more about Somalia’s social, political and economic context to learn more about the underlying issues affecting people in Somalia. In-depth knowledge of the country will help them understand the issues and come up with ideas and interventions towards a safe and peaceful Somalia. 

  1. Mass Education 

Form interest groups, engage them and educate them on the plight of the people of Somalia, through discussions, poetry, plays, YouTube videos, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and spread the word worldwide to create awareness on the issues affecting the Somalia population.  

  1. Commemorate international days related to the plight of the people of Somalia 

Join the rest of the world in commemorating international days and come up with themes that speak to the plight of the people of Somalia and help spread the word to advocate for Peace in Somalia. Consider: International Day of the African Child - June 16th, World Refugee Day - June 20th, International Day of Peace - September 21st 

  1. Come up with local fundraising drives 

Come up with locally acceptable ways of raising funds, gifts, or donations for Somalia. 

  1. Lobby and advocate for the U.S. government to use non-military ways to push for peace in Somalia 

Form advocacy groups to lobby the U.S. government to use non-military ways to push for peace in Somalia, including the use of diplomatic negotiations, mediation and provision of resources/aid. Limited resources is one of the causes of conflict in Somalia. 

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